Dry / Dehydrated Solution

Dry and dehydrated skin lacks moisture or hydration. Dry skin needs additional sebum or oil while dehydrated skin is deficient in water. Many times, dry/dehydrated skin is accompanied by additional skin conditions such as sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne. Restoring a healthy barrier function along with regular exfoliation balances skin to retain natural hydration as well as absorb moisture applied to the skin.

If you have stubborn dry or dehydrated skin with lack of firmness, we highly recommend Ageless Restorative HA Serum and Ageless Energizing Lipid Booster.  You can apply “neat” of each product or combine all two  in your palm before applying. These powerful duo work superbly together to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines, eradicate discoloration, moisturize and plump skin to perfection. Your skin will look incredibly good!