Pigmentation / Brightening Solution

Ever wonder why pigmentation occurs on skin? Inflammation, sun damage or even injuries (even those related to acne) can cause pigmentation. It is usually combined with other various environmental factors that enhance the cascade of skin’s inflammation causing additional damage and rooting pigment deeper into the skin. These factors are determined through a person’s lifestyle, ancestry and sun exposure.

Various environmental triggers can initiate the inflammation cascade to cause a pigment reaction. Proper protection and skin care routine can help with the pigment correction of skin.

Addressing pigmentation with daily home care products is essential to reduce unwanted pigment. Over 98% of Ageless  product line contains brightening agents targeting pigment from start to finish of your home care program. Maintaining bright, beautiful skin is just as important as managing pigment. Applying products to the entire facial area and not just where you see discoloration is key as some spots could be lurking invisibly under the surface. Age prevention now avoids skin correction later. A daily broad-spectrum sunscreen application is one of the best  preventative steps you can take.

Never skip your daily sunscreen application, rain or shine!