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– Francis Bacon 

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Our Logo

The 4 cursive E’s which forms the Logo represents the 4-Natural Core Elements of the world. It can also be recognized as a 4-Angled hearts connected without having an end, similar to an artistic and modern “Eternity” or Infinity logo as you may call it. This would represent what we wish our products and solutions would bring to all our customers, “ETERNAL BEAUTY!”

Our Story

Like the natural 4 Elements of the world (Earth, Air, Fire & Water), the core of our establishment’s Essential basic fundamental will be the 4-E’s of Eternelle’s name and logo.

Eternelle Beaute products were derived from our Earnest goal of wanting our faithful customers and believers to have the most Enhanced skin care solutions experience.   We believe in continuously Enriching our customer through Exciting solutions with Effective and Efficient proven results.

With so many Enthralling stories that can be used to describe our journey and our goals, we want everyone to know that Eternelle Beaute is Empathetic & understands the Enchanting World where Esthetical Enthusiasm is the norm of today.

We’re Ecstatic and Eager to be part of this industry and we truly hope that our journey together as a skin solution provider and you as our Esteemed customer will see a positive Effectual result.

We are looking forward to having an Eternal bond together.

BEST SELLER-Mesmerizing Enhancer Serum

The Mesmerizing series from Eternelle Beaute was created for the everyday usage for everybody from all ages and for all sorts of skin.  This series has proven time and time again to be very popular amongst our customers and users due to it’s easy application and affordability.

We’ve received numerous rave reviews and positive feedback for The Mesmerizing Enhancer Serum   It’s been sold to customers of various stature and ages, from teenage students to hoteliers, to Director of sales, and to simple housewives.  The Mesmerizing Enhancer Serum provides optimum skin beneficial results where you’ll almost immediately see a more beautifully smooth complexion, which will also be firmer, tighten and definitely more radiant.

The Mesmerizing Enhancer Serum comes in 15ml and 30ml sizes.  If applied accordingly, you would be able to enjoy the effects of the serum for 3 months.  Don’t wait and start placing your orders now.  For any questions or enquiries, please do email us at enquiries@eternelle-beaute.com We look forward to serving you.  Stay safe and keep well!

Our Client’s Testimonial

“Sharmayne Khoo, 40, HR Senior Manager”

“I am a 40 years old woman who has battled skin issues in the form of dehydration, uneven skin tone and loss of skin elasticity. Throughout this journey with my skin, I have used numerous brand name and lesser-known products without any viable results until I tried Eternelle Mesmerizing Serum. At first, I was a bit sceptical prior to using this product. Once I began to use this product consistently, I saw a noticeable difference in about two weeks. My skin is more radiant and supple. The dark spots and blemishes have lightened tremendously. The texture and the firmness of my skin has improved dramatically! My skin has not felt like this since my pre-teen! With results like this, I am going to stick to this product and I believe my search is over! “

Avanna Tan, 32, Business Development Manager, APAC

“After using Eternelle’s skin serum for a week, my skin is significantly tighter and smoother, pores are smaller. I am very happy with the product and will continue using it.”

“Jurene Teh, 33, Assistant Brand Manager”

“The serum texture is just right and easily absorbed. It tightens the skin and gives radiance to my skin.”

“Wong Chan Kong, 46, Businessman”

“Before I was introduced to the Eternelle brand, I was using off the shelf products. After just a week of using the Mesmerizing Serum, I feel that my skin has been very responsive to the products. My older scars, indentation and usual rough surface seems to be much milder and less obvious. I will definitely continue using this brand.”

“Debbie Ooi, 49, Senior Program Manager, Canada”

“I have sensitive skin and find most brands cause me to develop a rash. I tried Eternelle Ageless products. Within 2 weeks, I saw a difference. My skin feels and looks smoother, the appearance is more clear. My face feels moistened without being sticky or greasy or feeling weighted down. Following weeks, I stopped wearing foundation or face powder to cover imperfections. I am definitely going to purchase more Eternelle Beaute products!!”

“Carol Moi, 46, Program Manager”

“After being introduced to the Serum, I tried using for 2 weeks and noticed my skin is clearer and feels tightened too. I love the Serum texture which is light and non-oily. Truly recommended product for anyone who’s looking for amazing visible results!”

“N.Zaida, 26, Marcom Executive”

“Happy with mesmerizing serum 😍 no more oily skin, less noticeable acne after 2 weeks of usage. Now I am on my 2nd bottle!”

“Diana, Aqil and Ayishah”

“Coming close to 50 years old, I find my skin less radiant, drier and more pigmentation than before. Some days or stress days, I would have break outs and skin blemish on my nose area for several weeks which can also be very itchy.  When I was introduced to this serum in February, I immediately fell in love with it as it made my skin firmer and the pigmentations have become less darker and fairer. The blemish around my nose area has also disappeared since using this serum.

After seeing the difference, my teenage children at the age of 13 & 14 years old who are going thru puberty asked if they could try it as they both have acne on their faces especially their foreheads. Without hesitation we tried the serum and within 5 days we could see the difference. Their acne has become smaller, less irritation and the scars are gone.  My kids are addicted to this serum and have been using it ever since. It has definitely given them back their confidence.

We just love this serum and can’t live without it. You must try it too.  As the saying goes “The best way to multiply your happiness is to share with others””

“Kelly Azman, 40+, IG influencer”

“Hi everyone! My name is Kelly Azman. I want to share with you a very good product which I’ve used for only 1 month. First thing that I realized is my face is not oily anymore. Second, all my wrinkle lines has soften. This is the product which is called “Eternelle” which has amazing content. This serum can help your skin rejuvenate and make it fresher and effective within 3 days of usage. I been using it for 1 month, when are you going to start using this product from “Eternelle”?”

“Adrian Lim, 42, Businessman”

“I’ve tried many products and my skin has been problematic since my teenage years. I tried Eternelle Mesmerizing Enhancer Skin Serum and within weeks, the results shows. I’m very satisfied with the products. It is easy to apply and feels natural throughout the day.”

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