Anti-Aging / Firming Solution

Discovering the fountain of youth has been a centuries old quest for many, but aging is a part of life whether we want it to happen or not. As technology advances, there are treatments, products, and activities we have available to help with age prevention. Our body’s internal aging clock cannot be changed. This is attributed to our genetics and factors we are unable to control, not the least of which is gravity.

External factors such as sun and environmental exposure, lifestyle, and even stress levels can be managed giving us more time to prevent aging for less future correction.

As each of us hits the chronological age of 25, our bodies begin to lose 1% of collagen annually.  Our skin cell’s methodical journey to the stratum corneum slows and becomes more erratic. Skin can also become less active and compact dead skin cells on the surface instead of naturally exfoliating them away. Stimulating healthy collagen and elastin production while encouraging healthy exfoliation is essential for skin age prevention.

Eternelle Beaute  has optimized the latest ingredient technology combined with proven clinical results for the ultimate in age prevention. Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone, while firming and toning skin can benefit all ages and conditions.

If you’re new to our products and would like to begin, what would it be? It depends on your skin concerns. Besides a good cleanser and a toner, the following recommendations act as mistake-proof guideline. If you have 2 or more concerns, add on the products accordingly to rectify them.

01.Enlarged pores, whiteheads, blackheads, rough and uneven texture, dull darkened skin, mild to moderate pimples, clogged pores, sagging, lack of firmness. (ETERNELLE AGELESS Lotion Exfoliant)

02.Sensitive, redness, itchy, dehydrated or dry, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dull, sagging, lack of firmness, density and volume (ETERNELLE AGELESS Restorative HA Serum)

03.Lost of volume, density and elasticity, stubborn skin discoloration, fine lines, deep wrinkles, sagging, clogged pores, mild pimples, dry skin, tired looking complexion (ETERNELLE AGELESS Energizing Lipid Booster)

04.Lacking youthful dimension, loss of compactness, fine lines, deep wrinkles, sagging, loss of volume, firmness and elasticity, enlarged pores, rough and uneven texture, tired and dull looking complexion (ETERNELLE AGELESS Scrupting Repair Mask)